The Flaming Lips break up after 20 years!


CORRECTION: It turns out that their twitter was hacked.

Please refer to this tweet from Wayne Coyne:

and this one from The Flaming Lips:


According to a Twitter post from The Flaming Lips official Twitter account. We believe they just announced breaking up. This strikes me hard. I have loved every record they have ever made. They are/where (depending if its a rumor or fact) one of the most exciting live acts I have ever seen. I met Wayne Coyne at KXT Summer Cut 2012. He is the friendliest millionaire in existence. KXT ran a contest for the chance to be onstage with The Flaming Lips and i jumped at the chance. I wore my Penguin costume all day long in the summer heat. Sarah Jane of KXT selected me and my good friend Art Fernandez to be on stage dress as characters from the Wizard of OZ, dancing along to the visual spectacular that is The Flaming Lips. If you’ve never seen them, catch any show they have planned as you may never get the chance to live the experience that is a Flaming Lips show. I count myself very lucky to have been on stage at the Gexa Energy Pavillion, and doubly so that i shared the stage with The Flaming Lips.

Here is a press release about the show I attended:

Here is a review from that show:

If i could ask The Flaming Lips one question. It would be “Do You Realize?”


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