Books You Must Read To Be In This Business.


“What inspires you, should entire you” -Chris Otepka

Here are ten books, I recommend you read. If you’re serious about being in the Music Business. if you wont even read one of these books, then tell your fellow band mates the truth. I’m in it for the easy money, I don’t want to work to make this any better than I have to. Or do them the favor, next rehearsal, say to them, if we’re not U2 Famous by Wednesday I quit. Because you’re not serious about making it in this very difficult career. You plan to get by good looks and “talent” a thing that can be taught to anyone given enough time and practice. there are kids living in a city built out of garbage that play the cello better than you, they practice their entire waking life, and could be scooped up to play in The Decemberists or Lumineers long before you will. You’re only advantage is your access to these materials. Books. Available at your local library for free.

“The system may fail you, but don’t fail yourself” -Scroobius Pip

So enough ranting. If you’ve read this far, then you just might care. so here is the list.

1. The Indie Band Survival Guide

2. All You Need To Know About the Music Business

3. The Future Of Music

4. Tour:Smart (And Break The Band)

5. Making Music Make Money

6. Start & Run Your Own Record Label

7. Making A Living In Your Local Music Market

8. How To Make Your Band Sound Great

9. How Music Works

10. Welcome To The Music Business: You’re Fucked

This list is not a be all end all. Think about it in gaming terms. You’re a level one music act. Each of these books are a level up. once you’ve finished these,  there is a whole series called “This Business of…” get on those, finish them up and you’re a very well educated member of the music business, hell we’ll even say level 25. take this new knowledge, and you’re hit songs get on some local radio, play a music festival or two and you got yourself a level 35~40 music act You’ll be as big a Sarah Jaffe, Telegraph Canyon, This Town Needs Guns or The Heligoats. From there your leveling requirements are record sales, but hey to get this far you’re 5-10 years down the road from when you started. You play a talk show, or Good Morning America and you’re well on the way to level 50 you’ve probably sold 20,000 records for your independent label, and it’s time to see about reaching the Imagine Dragons or The Gaslight Anthem level. This is all very hypothetical, but believe me, Its more likely to be a 10-15 year path to the success you want not U2 by Wednesday.

If you take my recommendation here seriously, you will have a better foundation for success, than that band you’re sharing a gig with whose name you’ve never seen on a flyer before. Seriously, go downtown, to the area with all the music venues, you’ll plenty of fliers with 3-5 band names you’ve never heard of, it’s not all about playing gigs. Everyone plays gigs. read these books, and you’ll know what to do. Hey, when you get there, look me up, i’d love to be on your guest list.

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