Music: How Does It Work?

images-2How Music Works

I travel, often. One of the perks of this is getting to pick up a new book at the airport on my way out of town, and to challenge myself to finish it by the time I get back. This trip, to Atlanta, provided me with the new book by David Byrne “How Music Works” In which he covers a lifetime of experience and musings on the subject matter. Drawing from his time with Brian Eno, Talking Heads, visiting African villages, and dusty old opera houses from Mozart‘s time. He talks about how music evolves to it’s environment, and its method of delivery to the audience. Be it New York’s CBGB or Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge. And more!

Further in the book he details the real business essentials. The Art to getting paid, the breakdown of royalties, The Live Nation gambit. The book is chocked so full of good information. That if you area musical act, and think you’re doing alright, once you read this, you’ll realize what you’ve been doing wrong, the chance to fix it. Then you’ll move from doing alright to being successful. With out the kind of information contained in this book, you’re letting so much of your early success pass you by, or go into someone else’s pockets.

So, I luckily got the revised and expanded, paperback edition, and its very insightful. This guy makes so much sense. That I am adding this book to my list of “Books You Must Read To Be In This Business” A follow up post will have a completed list. For now get to the local library and check this sucker out. It helps that I am a fan of Talking Heads, but you don’t have to be, this book isn’t trying to sell you his records. This book, is trying to get you to think about the one thing. How music works. If you get yourself into this business, you’ll need to know how music works. Therefore, pick up this New York Times best-seller, sit down and read.

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