The Polyphonic Spree? Yes, It’s True!

"we're not wearing dresses, think of them more a choral robes"

The Gang’s All Here

You’ve got Questions, well, They’ve got The Answer. Yes, It’s True! The Long Awaited follow up to The Fragile Army.  Will be everywhere August 6th. (Pre-Order on Itunes)

Funded on Kickstarter! If someone you like is doing a Kickstarter, then back it. It’s a real connection to the source. It’s also how some fan’s have received the album early, I did, and that’s why I’m writing this. I want to tell you, from my heart, that you need to buy this album. It completely lives up to its Predecessors, and is locked and loaded for the new decade. With the first mentions i’ve heard in the pop rock, alternative rock genres to Facebook, and Instagram it reaches into how completely connected our lives are. A reminder that we’re alright, we’ve always been alright, and we’ll continue to be alright just the way we are.

Next I will give you a run down of the stand out songs, the ones I keep playing over and over, the ones I go to when I’m in a funk or mood or down in the mouth:

01 You Don’t Know Me

02 Popular by Design

03 Hold Yourself Up

04 You’re Golden

07 Blurry Up The Lines

10 What Would You Do?

Now you may notice thats more than half the album, Yes, It’s True, But to be 100% honest I love every track as you may notice on my i’ve been jamming this recored everyday since I got the Kickstarter email on Tuesday.

You Don’t Know Me: Is currently available on spotify to get a little taste for yourself, so you have two opinions on the matter, because, it’s likely that, You Don’t Know Me, (see what I did there), Either way, If three or four of the tracks off this album don’t make you feel genuinely inspired, I’ll eat my hat.

Popular By Design: It’s that that upbeat tempo, the one you’ll finally replace that damn OK GO song with for those treadmill sessions, and honestly its about time right? It’s musically rich, like a great big cake, but every part is exactly where it needs to be, its totally going to get you moving, the kind of track the makes you groove in your desk chair and draw the funny looks from your co-workers (personal experience) there’s also a little mystery at the end of the track, enjoy!

Hold Yourself Up: Is the perfect, Self help book condensed to 4 minutes and 24 seconds, you’ve got to Hold Yourself Up! its an important message, one I hope you take to heart, cause when you are ready to take on your problems yourself, you’ll be well equipped for anything that come at you, we believe in you, but you must believe in yourself.

You’re Golden: A piano driven, string fueled love song for the pumps and bumps, the pumps and bumps you feel when you are next to your lover. In fact I challenge you to get this track, light a candle or two and sit on the couch just the two of you play this off the vinyl, or if mp3s are more you’re thing, share a single pair of ear buds and hold their hand, and just bask in the beauty and majesty, of your life with this person, the way they make you feel, the Pumps and Bumps!

Blurry Up The Lines: This song is my fight song, nothing gets under my skin like the status quo, when the status quo is clearly insufficient, and no ones doing a damn thing about it. Well, this song reminds me, if I’m observing this behavior, then I’m clearly present, and exhibit this behavior. and that its important to make the first move, you;ll inspire the others, the ones on the fence about it, if its profound enough, you’ll change the world.

What Would You Do?: I saved my favorite for the last, this is the one right here, the one that I will get a tattoo from the lyrics, I wont spoil it here, but i will post photos when it’s done. I just cannot believe that Tim DeLaughter put these words in this exact order, it was immediate, my heart skipped, my hand moved before my mind knew what was up, rewound and listened to it again and said, “yep, that’s my next tattoo” then I sat down, and wrote out this article.

Dallas! August 9th, The Granada Theatre There are still a few tickets left to get into the After party at The Sundown, The Polyphonic Spree will be DJ-ing and hanging out, and I will be celebrating my birthday, Get them while you can. This will be a great time to grab a member of The Polyphonic Spree and ask them that question you’ve always wanted to ask, but don’t be surprised if they look you right in the eye and say Yes, It’s True!

P.S.  I’m going to start a contest in the comments section, If you think you know exactly the phrase leave it in the comments section, and I’ll give you two tickets to the show with signed CD’s, poster, and After-party Bracelet, you’ll need to meet me at the venue, cause they’re on will call. we will work all that out. (Pre-Order on Itunes)

3 thoughts on “The Polyphonic Spree? Yes, It’s True!

  1. “Sing this song for yourself / I know it helps.”

    This whole song if full of tattooable lines, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess this one. 😉

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