Back In The Saddle

Getting back into Blogging, and I remembered I had long ago abandoned this page. I am here to correct this. New Layout, I hope it meets approval, It seems cleaner. Archives are at the bottom of the page now, I might turn on a few more widgets and features, but this is the sort of thing I will feel out as I start generating more content. I hope to deliver a new post every Monday on a topic near and dear to me, His Name is Michael Allan Patton. I feel there is more than enough about him that the casual person wouldn’t know and my aim is to research and collect weird facts and appearances and report back on them, every monday, Loving titled Mike Patton Mondays. Then I hope to generate other articles every Wednesday and Friday alternating. This should give me time to write out the thoughts, stress over them, loose some sleep, and then post them at the last minute. They will be over a series of topics, new album reviews, reviews of live shows I attend, Maybe interviews with bands, weekly top listened Tracks. I’ll leave this article with a quick list of albums from 2013 that I can’t stop enjoying:

How to Destroy Angels – Welcome Oblivion

This Town Needs Guns –

The Heligoats – Back to the Ache

Queens of the Stone Age – …like clockwork

Tomahawk – Oddfellows

Eels – Wonderful, Glorious

Puscifer – donkey punch the night

The Flaming Lips – The Terror

Alice in Chains – the devil put dinosaurs here

Tricky – false idols

Matthew Good – old fighters

Thanks for reading,


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