RE: Your upcoming release, Its all about your Package ( ! )

So, you are about to release a CD/EP/DVD/LP/MP3/JCVD (etc)….. well make sure you put as much thought into the packaging as you did the recorded material. Here is my favorite case study: please go and click on the buy tab on his website… i’ll wait… seriously go now… go… have you gone yet here’s the link again just incase

Alright then: electronic music right? Same old house trance booty bashing nonsense right? Did you see that with purchase of his CD you get a free instrument, not any instrument but a THEREMIN!!! Maddening, now this isn’t an advert for “( ! ) Moldover ( ! )” but I am hoping it is a little lightbulb for your mind. Make sure to pay attention to the reasons people will pay for your cd. If you make a standard jacket with pretty pictures then good luck, your are lost in the sea of names (mer de noms)

Here is another example dating all the way back to 1973 i’ve seen youtube videos made in the last year with people baking in this thing… it’s genius. Ask record collectors and they have probably owned this at some point or even still have it with the logo tape still sealing the box, I got to see one up close at the “Tour:Smart” conference I attended in Chicago on april 9-11 2010, hosted by Martin Atkins (he has a wealth of information on packaging in his book “Tour:Smart: And Break the Band” as a third example check out Limited Edition by Damage Manual, its literally a blank jacket with rubber floor stuff glued on… each one hand made… each one a little piece of Martin Atkins all over it.

Packaging concerns are universal across all genres. For a final example please check out this: The Heligoats full length album “Goodness Gracious” each cd was hand pressed at Bison Bookbinding by The Heligoats covers the cd making process as well as screen printing of all the merch… this is the cd you have to get into your hands to appreciate the hard work and care put into the packaging. Available directly from his website and keep checking back for an exclusive in studio performance by Chris Otepka of The Heligoats coming in early spring.

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